by LEO37

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All songs produced and performed by LEO37 for SIXTH STREET VOODOO.

Recorded and mixed by SUNCLEF at PPF HOUSE

Published by LEO37 for Let Everything Out Music (SOCAN).

Art and Design by HOWIE SHIA



released April 19, 2010

(L. Shia, T. Shia)



all rights reserved


LEO37 Toronto, Ontario

LEO37's music is a melting pot of eclectic influences, studied and brewed into something altogether new. Hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronica and pop fragrances combine and inform a distinct, progressive persona that is both self-conscious and worldly.

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Track Name: Icarus
Stick to the sky
Burn my eyes with rays
Clutch the sun with both hands
To keep the day like…

Chillin on the biggest star
I will be for the rest til I rest
White flowers, black suits, finely pressed button-ups
That I can see from afar
Never leaving before reaching
So amazing
I’m just saying
That if I’m to leave my seat today
Then I’ve finally earned my wings and
everybody’s singin’


Sky high to hit Fly heights
Go Get It

But as both hands burn
I start to turn away
Loosen my grip
Maybe shootin to quit
Stickin to the sky ain’t all that it seems
It seems stickin to the sky is all but a dream
A dream I dreamt
A little dream for me to reach
These peaks and peace
A balance of challenges and some sweet relief
But dammit the average that maintain a nice flight is light
Light as in low
A little
Miniscule, mini
Chances seem brittle
Call me Icarus on my wax wings
Sun hits now I’m comin in for landing
Damning all the way down
Mouthful of cussing with no way out
This really ain’t for you so just stay down
Track Name: Morning
Better in darkness
Yes, I do shine in stardust and hardluck and subtle hints of twilight
I’m finite f-f-finite
Amidst the mist I might find infinite bliss
Where I-I-I-I lie
Wrapped in blanket statements to keep my heat in tact
And ignore the unsure in order to keep my seat in fact
Not quite a thrown but I’m saving up all my dough
And jewel by jewel I will rule in the moon
But soon the dusk is crushed again
I’m bust again
And dammit back in my room
My kingdom come and go and back again
And then I do my best to conceive the eve forever consume

But as day begins
I tend to lay within my bedding
Letting pressures compress my head and all I’m dreading
Responsibility fills
Killing chances of resting
But I take to grinding
When I wake to finding your….

Face in the Mornin’
Your Face Face in the mornin
Wake up the world world
Wake up the world cause it belongs to me

I’ll shout until the whole world hears me
I’ll shout until there’s nothing but the wind
Then rest in our bed with the rest to begin