by LEO37

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Produced x Recorded x Mixed by JOHN POON

Written x Performed by LEO37

Mastered by SUNCLEF at The Tesseract

Published by LEO37 for Let Everything Out Music (SOCAN)

Art Direction by HOWIE SHIA


released February 27, 2012

(J. Poon, L. Shia)



all rights reserved


LEO37 Toronto, Ontario

LEO37's music is a melting pot of eclectic influences, studied and brewed into something altogether new. Hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronica and pop fragrances combine and inform a distinct, progressive persona that is both self-conscious and worldly.

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Track Name: Fire Dance
Spark the flint
And make the fire dance
Sit back, blow a smoke and watch the world collapse
See the skyline glow through the clouds of ash
Get down
And as the shine gives way to the gray
And the dark of the eve marks the end of the day
Watch the heart get calm as it fades away
Stay down

Y’tricked me but I ain’t fallin for it twice
Smilin to my face while you plottin out my grave
Changed your name but I maintain
Things ain’t all that it seems these days
Can’t see you
But dude I got the vision
White collar magic can’t match my ambition
You roll with your suits
I roll with a griffin
Hawk down
Bark out
That’s how I’m livin
You little thief
Give the OncoMouse back
You’re no fuckin Sheriff
I ain’t payin that
And even if you were
We flocking
Bunch of dudes from Loxley
Handin out boxings
Back for ours so be calm
Hand it over cool
Then it’s on with the show
Top Dog
Time to switch roles
Triple Luck on grow
Everybody let’s go

Burn baby burn
Let the fire bounce
Get down
Track Name: Footwork
Strike the Anvil
Two hand swinging
ThreeSeven wielding
Sledgehammer Bang
Troll through the streets
With a House on my back
And the metal on the floor
So they hear that 'CLANG'
Sparks and embers
Firework footsteps
Every stride took like a flare in the sky
Move with no haste
My pace holds pride
Bring the people out cause tonight we ride

Left & right & left & GO!
Place my dreams up under your feet and tread softly
My god c’mon

Mister Mister Mister Bossman
Your words don’t match that red in your eyes
The smirk you flash so floated by cash
And while you get off we’re tryin to survive
Cuts and muzzles
Books swapped for banks
Prorogue our way to a corner on the side
Fuckin with our food
Babies no love
Blow out the sun to make the temp run high
Men so senile
Sit atop the totem
Captains of the beguile
Axe out
Swing Camp Lo
Watch the pole crash as we stand so bold
Chest out
Proud glow
No one left up that could tell me so
So here we go
Left, right, tempo
Careful on the step
Easy on the soles
Track Name: Gorgeous
So gorgeous
Speech like gold fortress
Fragile times like rare porcelain
Gotta stay up but the hull so porous
And we’re exhausted
Tryin to eat well?
Just tryin to get a portion.
Easy bein bad when you have good fortune
Nuff with your shit you’re making me noxious
Nothin short of a gimmick
Pussies on their own dick
Its time to quit it
Suit up
Get Convicted
Lock load
Rock roll
War of attrition
Keep pace
Stay down
No time waste
Sway hips to the bass like

So gorgeous
Brave like no chorus
Squares in they box
We round like slow orbit
Make no mistake we great check your sources
You roll in a whip we ride on black horses
Step away from the tree, see the forest
Fight the eve
Claim the morning
Parents so shit kids better as orphans
Wanna be a star?
Rather you a foreman
You’re more important than they’re letting you be
You’re more important than they’re letting you be
You’re more important than they’re letting you be
From the dirt and the hurt to the skies and the dreams
It’s peace.

So gorgeous.
Track Name: You & The Nite
Slip all the battles in boxes
Throw all your pictures away
But you and the night and the music still stay
Leave it behind with a promise
Count one more loss as your gain
But you and the night and the music remain

You and the night and the music
Foolishly never apart
Telling me always how lonely we are
You and the night and the music
Counting on every refrain
Your love and my love together remain

I see you there in the doorway
Your eyes are heavy and grey
We'll always be lonely together, i know
But you and the night and the music
Always had something to say
And morning to morning together we go

Against the crescent
The ruby glows bright
Give light
Stars map the path of sole plights
Everything is beautiful in the shade all despite
The most genuine love
The most hideous fights
Draped in the radiance of grand satellite
We right every wrong of the day and take flight
Wings spread with no fear of the sun to burn sight
Bleed for the heavens
Reclaiming all heights
Clash for the dusk to remain as it must
And we mush to maintain this stage
So ignite
Starbursts and twilight pinpoint my position
Shed love to strike blows against our afflictions
Hold off the daybreak
Can't stand incandescence
And lovely as it is
I strive with eve incentives
Go ahead with the flow
But the ebb has my affection
So every push I make
I pull for your inception
Against the crescent
I stand so effervescent
Intangibles make up a mans presence
Trace out the heavens
Lay the sun down to rest
God bless
Let the eve fill your chest
Now Breathe

Track Name: Fanfare
Now hear that fanfare growl
Keep attempting to fight that blare but that blare won’t bow
Never no ducking that scream
No chance escaping that sound
And even in padded room
Those acoustics will pound
That siren song sung to keep you up in the clouds
But when that song stops
Crack of the ground
No thunder
No lightning
Just lying and crying
Confused as to why the fanfare left town
And after it’s gone
Y’feel the calm
Each breath like
Like quiet dog timpani’s
But ain’t no symphony
Percussion’s packed up and it pushed its way on out
But you steady stay fiendish reaching seeking bleeding for that loud
Loud how the people screamed
Your clique screamed
Your girl
So loud as they screamed for you like no other clown
Loud is what you fed off
Loud’s what brought you down
Loud is what you held up top with you as paramount
But now with the loud hushed
The now crushed
No crowds around
The huddles shift
A subtle pitch
And nothing left to drown
Whispers and wants
Needs so daunting they implore you
You go to shout out
But there’s no one left to ignore you
Now hear that fanfare blow
The day the fanfare dies
The day a man can grow
Hear that fanfare stop
Might mean that man’s last show
So stop the fanfare here
And let the silence glow.