by LEO37 + Sunclef

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released July 15, 2009

All songs written, arranged and performed by LEO37 & SUNCLEF.

Recorded and mixed by SUNCLEF at PPF HOUSE

Published by LEO37 for Let Everything Out Music (SOCAN)
and SUNCLEF for Tesseract Music (SOCAN)

Art and Design by HOWIE SHIA



all rights reserved


LEO37 Toronto, Ontario

LEO37's music is a melting pot of eclectic influences, studied and brewed into something altogether new. Hip-hop, soul, jazz, electronica and pop fragrances combine and inform a distinct, progressive persona that is both self-conscious and worldly.

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Track Name: Applause
Fuck the slice
Man I want the pie
I was told the put in matched the pull in
Push ‘til this person kaput's the line
Push pass the push back
Be good in time
But soon your good's just fine
Just fine cause you're runnin out of years
Months, days, hours, minutes, seconds
Sun's settin
And the moonlight's not your mood light
As we cruise on pass the crew's hype
The hype that we have yet to raise
Believe it when you hear it
I'll accept the praise
And the parade
The chocolate goods, pierced hoods and French maids
Every 'L' my stats pack
Worth it all just to hear your hands clap

Now gimme one for the Jacks
And gimme two for the Janes
Listen up past the next set of horn shots
Handclap like they just said the war stopped
One more for the Jacks
Couple more for the Janes
Now Handclap

I walk no path and I'm lookin to pave my way
I salute and honor all the yodas that made me brave
Bring on the crowds cause I'm movin on past the ‘nays’

I'm not trying to be a superstar
Can't you tell I'm a superstar?
Put in work, I refuse to starve
Fuck your act and salute your scars
Trip and Sun that is who we are
PPF is the House we guard
Run with us cause you bastards know
We Voodoo like D'Angelo


A PPF House tune yes we
ThreeSeven, Sunclef's who we are
The stars in your dreams
So heavy
Track Name: Homebody Status
Really not feelin to switch my PJ's for shit
Homebody status
No phone
No goin on no home visit to yours
Just to say what's up?
No not today
No shows
No promo
None of it
Not cookin I'm orderin in when my stomach gets...
Get me that family meal
You say glutton
I say sex appeal
I'm not goin anywhere today
Just leave me on my futon faded
Layed up with my female naked
That's the greatest way I could play this day
That's the greatest way I could play this day

Just chillin out at my home
I got nowhere I would go
Nowhere that I'd rather be
And if you want me to go
I'll gladly come along
As long as it's a...

It's Gotta Be A Good Thing Hey